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by Emily Wilkerson


You're not investing in photos. You're investing in presence, in someone to pay attention, in a pair of eyes to watch over the precious moments of your wedding day and make sure you don't lose them.

Your wedding is not just a beautiful day.

It's a day two people are choosing each other above all others, 'til death do they part.

I want to remind my couples how they felt that day. 

We take timeless, personal, elegant photographs you'll treasure forever.

"There were shots that made you laugh, that made you feel the love, and shots that made you cry as well. "

michael and aubree


destination & domestic


I combine documentary photos, composed details, and portraits from each wedding to tell a story.

I edit in an honest, true-to-life style that will stand the test of time.

To create living, breathing portraits, guide my couples and create intimate images that show their connection and personality, from every overjoyed tear to every reckless moment of joyful abandon.

"When we received our photos I thought, “is that really us?!”
Emily and Zach made our dream Hawaiʻi elopement a reality."

-dominique and travis

savor being "fiance's"


You're only engaged for a brief window of time and then the swiftly passing period of having a "fiancé" will only be a memory. Celebrate your engagement with photos to immortalize this special time in your lives.


 "I couldn’t imagine being photographed by someone else."

Carrie + Rodney


first comes love,
then comes marriage,
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

philadelphia family photographer

After our couples wed, they often have children join them down the road.

As a mom, I love working as a family photographer because I have precious few photos of myself with my children. I take the pictures, but I'm not *in* the pictures.

Let's set aside some precious time to document the continuation of your love story: your parenting journey.

 "Emily guided us and we spent our entire session laughing. She captured it all."

kelley and jonathan

we treat YOUR wedding like it's day one of your marriage.

It's one of the most important moments of your lives and we're here to guide you, to unobtrusively capture your raw emotion, and to gift you with romanic souvenirs of your romance and journey.

photos are souvenirs

When your wedding is over, all you have to go back to and relive the thrills, tears, and rush of adrenaline, are the photos that were made for you. They should not *just* be beautiful- they should be full of meaning and raw emotion.

our approach: gentle direction

So, you want photos that showcase your connection, raw and natural emotion, romance, and chemistry... We effortlessly lead our couples through the entire process as we document their one-of-a-kind love story in a candid and timeless way. 



The romance begins at "hello"

we love to Tell a good Love Story.

If you're looking for joyful images full of emotion and heart, and a well-organized and process from start to end, let's schedule a consultation. We only accept a handful of couples each year, and we're looking for couples who are a good fit for us, as well as for them.

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