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I'm a dreamer who's made it her life's work to make photos of raw connection and authentic emotion wherever I go.

about us

I'm Emily

It all started with a legendary thrift haul. I scored a full basket full of treasures- a hat with a gigantic brim, a vintage dress, velvet shoes, high waisted pin stripe bell-bottoms, and a vintage film camera.

So I'd haunt the mailbox waiting for my scans to come back and decorate my bright yellow bedroom with my favorite prints and drag my friends upstairs to see the gallery. I'd chat away in the vaguely European accent I'd somehow kept even though we'd moved from Europe to a farm in the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin.

After earning a Bachelor's degree and my Masters in Luxury Wedding Photography Certificate, I now photograph weddings worldwide for stylish and fun-loving adventures who want to savor the fleeting things in life. 

But I'm still wearing gigantic hats and high waisted pin stripe bell-bottoms and carrying very old film cameras. (But my accent faded, which is very sad for us all.)

Fun-loving romantic (and total Enneagram 7), lover of tropical plants, travel, and the soft, glowing colors of a sunny morning brought to life on film. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

Oahu is my number one favorite, with London and Ireland tied as a close second! I also love San Diego and So Cal.


guilty pleasure

Buying too many tropical plants, eating gluten free raspberry drop cookies, and drinking strong cups of Bengal spice tea with milk and honey every afternoon. My favorite show is Brooklyn 99- largely for all the cringy Charles Boyle moments.



Googling things like "why did my fiddle leaf fig die?" and haunting thrift stores for vintage Anthropologie deals. I love driving through the rain with the windows down. I love turning the lights off and watching beeswax candles flicker across the wall. Planning spontaneous flights across the country to climb new mountains, taste new foods, and soak in new sunrises!



I love Thai food, but I also love enchiladas and Mediterranean food! So basically, any type of cuisine from around the world is the first thing I'll order off of any menu!



I married a guy I met in a library. But the first time we met, he asked for my number and I said, quite eloquently, "absolutely not."

But his smile was just too irresistible- and his laugh was just too sexy. So the next time he asked, I said yes to one cup of coffee.

We've been married since 2017 and I love nothing more than spending slow days outdoors, wearing a large sunhat, holding Zach's hand and watching our two boys play (or wreak absolute havoc).


part of my job

On the wedding morning, when anticipation is high and you're getting ready with your closest people. There are hugs, tears, and time seems to stand still.

about you

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

Known for turning fleeing moments into intimately meaningful imagery that stands the test of time, our photography is inspired by the importance of human intimacy, and the evocative ambiance of film. It's our delight to create authentic + romantic images for stylish couples who want to feel the nerves and thrills of their wedding day thirty years down the road. When our couples have grandchildren are sitting at their feet and they're paging through the supple pages of their heirloom wedding album, they'll be able to hold hands and savor exactly how the the moment felt.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


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