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I have two kids, so I am right there with you. I'm tired and busy and my hair has been in a messy bun for three years too. Hang in there.

But these are the days we'll want back. 

From the bouncy moments of mischief to the slow moments of big feelings, it's all part of the fabric your family is made of. 

Let's capture it before we miss it, so we can savor it when the house is quiet. 

boy mama, lover of microwaved coffee, loves playing legos for hours on end.

soulful, joyful, raw moments of you and your little people. just a minute to honor everything you pour out. you pray over them, hold them close, and answer "why" a million times a day.

that's what i do.
one mama to another.

They say the days are long and the years are short, right? Those long, tiring days where you're smelling their head and patting their bum, drinking your cold coffee while the patches of sun in the house move all the way across the floor. And then the very next day, they go to kindergarten. What if you had images that showed them how it all FELT back in those little years, how you used to hold them when they were small, how their dimpled fingers looked when they gripped your fingers and took their first steps, how you'd wrap their chubby legs up in a blanket and pick them up?


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lititz family photographer

"mamas. one day all your children will have is pictures of you. make sure you're in them. no matter what your hair or your makeup or your body looks like, your kids won't care about any of that. they just want to see you. for the love of god, be in pictures with your children."


mamas, be brave, be in pictures.

You pour out a lot for those little darlings (heathens) and it's okay to be frayed around the edges. To show up imperfectly. To be chaotic (where are your good shoes?). To be genuine and honest instead (can we take a few without bear? no?). Images of the joyful chaos you're weathering today will be a cherished gift for your children later. Don't wait until it all "works out" Just be who you are, and let there be pictures of that. The photos will show them that you were strong and brave, and you loved them fiercely and bravely.

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