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by Emily Wilkerson

photo album books

Each of our clients walks away with a gorgeous photo album of their engagement and wedding after their journey as an F&F client comes to an end.

your wedding photos should be more than a phone background

limited edition

the leather wrap

Handcrafted, with raw edged pages of supple, museum grade paper and archival ink. 

For lovers with luxurious, timeless taste. Several finish and edge options to suit couples in styles "outdoorsy" to "urban chic."

Most people don't just want to have their photos taken. They want to use them, share them, and revisit them.

The leather wrap protects your album and gives a sleek feeling in your hand. It's very customizable with multiple sizes, cover embossing, and more.

Each and every album is hand designed by a team member, then approved by a graphic designer before custom printed at our chartered lab.

limited edition

hand-dyed linen

Perfect for your engagement book, your family session, and your wedding day. This is our most easily customizable album.

For lovers with classic taste. These supple pages have ink printed within the paper for a rich delivery of colored images. The pages are satiny.

Included in every F&F wedding contract. Highly customizable with multiple cover options and sizes, paper options, and cover embossing!

Hand-dyed linen cover made of natural material. Each and every album is hand designed by a team member, then approved by a graphic designer before custom printed at our chartered lab.

i lost my own wedding photos.

Years ago, when I was a bride, and was not yet a wedding photographer, my wedding photographer handed me my wedding photos on a flash drive.

Of course, I lost it. As I sat on my bedroom floor, dumping my socks on the carpet, frantically digging through my jewelry boxes, I realized I not only had thousands of dollars go missing when that flash drive disappeared- but thousands of memories were gone as well

I'm not leaving you in that position. Your emotional and financial investment is too important to me.

albums are for your kids

When your 15 year old daughter asks to see mom and dad's wedding pictures, are you even going to know where to find your photos? You would have gone through several laptops and phones by then, and tech will have changed so much that hard drives of today will be as good as floppy disks at that time.

Yes, you're going to head straight to the place where you keep your most important objects. The top shelf, or perhaps on your dresser. You're doing to reach out and touch the sleek cover of your wedding album, you pick it up, and sit with your daughter, walking her through page by page.

It's a piece of your legacy. That whole "for better or for worse" thing in vows? This album will be there through it all, and it will mean more over time.

it's your first investment into your legacy

Your relationship is a love story, one that will be your rock through seasons of "for better" and "for worse." When the years roll by, and your smiles are wrinkled and your hair is white, this album will remind you from where you came, what you've walked through, and how your love has changed and grown through all the different parts of your journey.

why are albums so important?


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