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Things Brides Forget and Regret on the wedding morning

October 20, 2022

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Each part of the wedding day had been handcrafted with care by you and your bridesmaids and mom, and likely your coordinator as well! But what’s the saying, “hindsight is 20/20?”

When you look back on something, that’s when you can most clearly see what things you should have done to problem-solve in advance and make your wedding as memorable as possible.

This is a combined collection of tips and knowledge from the Fern & Fountain Team, other vendors we trust, as well as our past brides!

These are the things brides either forgot, didn’t know, or wish they would have done differently if they could go back in time. The morning of the wedding can either feel sacred and special, or chaotic so here are our top tips for a smooth wedding morning!

1) Don’t forget breathing room!

Don’t break things down into tiny timeframes like “9:02 am, hug with dad. 9:04am, put on shoes.” It puts unfair pressure on everyone around you. I have seen this fill the room with underlying stress and a constant fumbling of schedule-checking many times. Allow the day to breathe!

2) The bride “Go-bag!”

Collect all the bridesmaids gifts, robes, dresses, shoes, flowers, and anything your girls will need that day, and put them in the maid of honor’s car before the rehearsal dinner so it’s a one-stop spot.

3) You’ll RUIN your photos if:

If you get ready in an area with bad light you’ll ruin your photos! Get ready with as much natural light around you as possible! Big windows and plenty of them!

4) Bag it up!

Get the girls matching duffel bags so it’s easy to clear the room when you need to and each girl can have a sweet keepsake and also a home base for a busy day.

5) You’re *both* getting ready!

Be sure the groom waits for the photographer to photograph him when he gets ready. If you get ready separately from the groom like most couples, you’ll want to look back and “watch” each other get ready through the eyes of your photographer. The photographer needs to be there when things are happening if you want those things in the wedding album. Recreating moments and staging things just doesn’t have the same emotional weight as the first time you’re doing it.

6) Healthy skin tones

Turn off any yellow lights in the room. Yellow or tungsten lights clash with natural light and make everyone’s skin look worse. Especially if you have a spray tan!

7) Cleanliness is next to godliness?

Tidy up! Nothing is worse than a pair of boxers on a chair in the background of an emotional picture. Your photographer may not be able to take it out because photoshop is a lot more complex, time consuming, and expensive, than you think. It’s just a better idea so have things actually be tidy! Pick the corner of the room next to the brightest window and clean that whole area up. That clean space is where most photos will be taken. Have a designated “dump zone” elsewhere in the room.

8 Don’t wear these items! Hair ties, socks, bras, or anything that digs into your skin and leaves marks. That will probably show up in photos!

Did you see our full guide of “Things Brides Forget and Regret

Click here and snatch that guide up so you can be regret-free!

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